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RSS Valentine36

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What about the fact the deforestation has taken away most of the trees that provide shade? Even without the burning fossils, the absence of trees on its own contributes to climate change

1 point

Since the advent of industrialisation, the earth has been severely damaged as a result of these human exploits. Through burning of fossils, deforestation, and farming, humans have brought nothing but bring damage to the climate.

By cutting down trees, great amounts of carbon dioxide are released. And since plants and trees use it to grow, the act of deforestation means we don’t have as many trees to absorb the extra carbon dioxide as required.

Several industrial practices, like cement production, liquid natural gas production and coal mining, produce or emit a variety of greenhouse gases. Industrial practices also release huge amount of carbon dioxide which traps the light energy in, but doesn't let all of the heat energy out, hence a change in climate.

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