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RSS JournoGir247

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Interesting, but with the increasing production of waste materials, surely these numbers are rising? Since the emitted carbon dioxide from the Earth's mantle is natural, the Earth is probably adapted to surviving with such.

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Humans are using the Earth's natural resources faster than the Earth can reproduce and replace them, such as coal, oxygen emitting plants, oil, etc. More and more products are produced on a massive scale and as a result of such, harmful waste is also produced on a massive scale and many are harmful to the environment. These include toxic gases (carbon monoxide), non-biodegradable materials (plastics) and the like. In order to try and fight the lack of resources now available for human use, synthetic enhancers or materials are used in place of natural resources. However, such synthetics can be harmful to humans as well (such as chemical toxins in foods or fibres). Therefore, humans are not only negatively impacting the environment, but also hurting themselves.

This applies to climate change in the sense that the Earth has to try and readapt to what humans have made it become. Therefore, 'the globe is warming' is due to damage in the ozone layer letting in more UV rays from the sun; and floods are a result of the melting ice caps. Even though natural disasters can be used to argue against human impact on climate change, the smaller climate changes can be attributed to human impact.

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